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September 8, 2019

Julia is doing a lot of sleeping. She slept really well last night, and has slept most of the day. Her blood counts have all bottomed-out from chemo this weekend, so she's as tired as she will be. With a few rounds of blood, they are starting to rise again as of today. But she gets Benadryl as part of her anti-nausea treatment, so combine that with the low counts, and she's sleeping 20+ hours a day.

Vitals are all fine. She had a decent bath and string change. Only barfed once. Not a whole lot of play time, but plenty of hugs and cuddles while awake. The rough part of the day was attempting to switch her IV =( They switch arms every few days, so it was due to switch to her left. (As a reminder - she doesn't usually need an IV since they go through the port in her chest, but her skin had a pressure injury so they are trying to let that heal.) So this poor girl... she got crappy veins from her mommy =( I've sent pictures to my friends of when the ER or someone tries to get blood out of me. I will have gauze and tape all over the place. When I most recently went to the ER for that stomach issue a few months ago, it took SIX technicians (all of whom are allowed to try twice), before they finally got a vein. So I got stuck 11 times to draw blood. And that's typical. Poor Julia had the same experience =( They tried 5 times to get a vein in her left arm - they even used that ultrasound machine that makes everything show up. They couldn't do it, and eventually had to stop. This poor girl screamed and cried. Reed could hardly stand it. Even the nurse was having a hard time =( They eventually said if she needs something through an IV, they will just need to figure out how to give her port extra protection and re-access her there.

But omg this poor little girl =( =( =( I know how much it hurts as an adult, and at least we "know it's needed" and can sit still. It has to be so much harder (and hurt so much more) when you're flailing around. Ugh, and they had to pin her down and everything. It's just so hard to watch - many parents have been there.

But they really tried their best, she just has crappy veins. They're thin and deep, just like mine.

So that was really her only excitement during the day, and outside of that she's just been sleeping. But her counts are starting to rise again, so she should be on the upswing over the next two weeks - slowly starting to feel better and hopefully do better with therapies. (She has since gotten LOTS of cuddles and kisses since her poking! So she's in good spirits now <3)


HAPPY video in comments - this was taken last nigh and shows off the adorable stomp-clap she's started to do <3



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