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September 7, 2019

Julia's had a good day =) Heart rate is fantastic. Blood pressure is a little high, but she might have been fighting when they took it. She got some more blood today, as scheduled. She's on her HME, and doing great, so I assume she's bee on that all day. Short medical update, since we haven't really seen the nurse since we got back down here. I assume no news is good news, and the day was uneventful.

She's filled with saliva, as usual, so tons of spitting. And boy is she a squirmy bug! She is ALL over this bed. Oh, and she has started stomping her right foot when she's really excited. I think it's a modified clap. It makes more noise than her clapping so it seems to be her go-to now. Super adorable <3

The bandage is off her chest port, so I see the little injury they are talking about. So because they're letting that heal up, she has an IV in her arm. That's covered with a 'no-no', which is cast-thing that just prevents her from ripping the IV out. But since it has been switched to her good arm, she was trying to wipe her face and stuff like normal and the no-no was scratching her cheek. So she got a nice soft mitten added over the no-no.! She can't do anything useful with her arm, like control her iPad, but it's serving well as a snot-rag. Oh, and it's essentially a boxing glove during a string change. I guess that's an improvement over scratching... but she now has more surface area to punch with!


I convinced Reed to leave the hospital long enough to go to a birthday event for a friend. We did 5 Wits in Plymouth Meeting (which was super awesome) and then went to dinner. It was really nice. It's the first time we've been out with friends together I think since all of this started. But now I'm back at the hospital with my little girl for the first time in 2.5 weeks! We did lots of cuddling, and now she's zonked out. I think Gabriel is getting past his cold, so hopefully I'll see him in a few more days.

I got a video when we got back to the hospital so that's in the comments <3



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