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September 3, 2019

Julia's had a good day today =) All her vitals are solid - no fevers. And she hasn't barfed, so that's great!  Just struggling with all the mucus as usual.

Blood labs showed her hemoglobin is starting to get low, so she got some blood today.  (Have I mentioned to donate blood if you're able! - Cancer patients get it all the time.  Julia has gotten so many transfusions... these allow her get through chemo <3) OT/PT stopped by today as scheduled, but Julia was getting her transfusion so they couldn't have a session with her.  So she got a bonus rest day.  But music therapy did visit first time in a while, and she always loves that.  

When I checked in at 9:00, she was happily watching Peppa and coloring.  Less angry than yesterday... way more content.  Now as her counts continue to fall, she will get more and more tired.  They should bottom out around the weekend... then we hope for a fast recovery.


I emailed the company who did my shower re-grouting a year ago, and explained the situation (that I have some mold and I think I scraped away some calk so now it's leaking).  He is going to come out Friday and fix it for me... no charge.  So that's really awesome  And a friend stopped by and dropped off chicken noodle soup and some electrolyte drinks <3 I'm feeling better today than yesterday - no fever and no body aches  Tomorrow I will go see if I can get my phone fixed, and hopefully Thu/Fri I'm cleared to go to the hospital.  


Adorable video in comments - Exactly a year ago... Julia and her donkey <3 


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