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September 22, 2019

Julia is as expected for the day after chemo. She's exhausted and cranky and barfy. Lots of throwing up, lots of coughing, lots of snot. Her heart rate is sitting high (170s) but that's happened right after most rounds of chemo. She's pretty much slept all day. She will wake up for about 5 minutes to fuss around a bit but then she's already back out. She's asking for lots of hugs and lots of naps. But we have seen some more physical progress this weekend. When she was getting into her PJs after her bath, she successfully put her left arm through the sleeve! She's tried in the past, but she just had no control. This time Reed asked her to help get her left arm in and she did it... super wobbly but she got it through =) Speaking of physical improvement, she has continued to become an expert snuggler. She will now roll fully onto either side, and she will wiggle herself right up next to you AND she will throw her top arm over your shoulder - either arm! She kind of swings wide with her left, but she gets it up and over now. Nothing will keep this girl from hugging her daddy <3 (And the nurses have commented that she's starting to connect with her left hook too.) And Reed caught her purposefully trying to enter the pass code to get into her iPad - she had fallen asleep and it shut off, but was still in front of her when she woke up. She of course doesn't know what code to enter, but she was tapping numbers on purpose (and with some authority!) and got herself locked out for like a year. But it was cute. So, pretty crappy day, but not awful. She's entering the worst week of the cycle... hopefully the last bad chemo week she'll ever need to go through. But right now she's happily watching Peppa <3 ~~~~ Picture of Gabriel getting all dirty today <3 Oh, and he started saying "Mommy" in a demon voice... that's super awesome to wake up to in the middle of the night. No new video of Julia, since she just slept, but I added one to the comments showing her stiff neck (likely shared a while ago). Lots of people asked what her symptoms were that lead us to take her to the doctor. We just slowly noticed over the course of a month (I guess exactly 1 year ago at this point), that her neck appeared to be getting stiffer. It was hard to tell if it was actually stiff, or if she was just being a goofy toddler, because as you can see in the video... other than holding her head still, she acted fine. She was happy, and playful, and smiling. I even comment in the video that "you know you can look at your brother". I thought she was just being weird.

YouTube: But tomorrow I do my weekly switch from having Gabriel to visiting Julia, so I'll make sure to get a video... even if she's grumpy <3



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