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September 20, 2019

Posting early tonight. Everything is fine =) I just won't be around a computer until super-late tonight. Day 4 of 5 complete.... 1 more day to go! And then she starts recovering. Hopefully for the final time <3 She's has another GREAT day! She threw up once last night, but so far so good today. And no concerning vomit colors since that one weird one a few nights ago. And I think I mentioned that the theory was reflux up from her intestines from coughing so hard, since all tests were fine. PT stopped by again, and failed to get measurements again =) This time Julia was getting all her lines and caps changed, and chemo was being hung. So they said they'd try to come back near the end of the day. So far it's just been difficult working around our oncology schedule. But that's OVER tomorrow, so next week they should get her for sure. And she had a great session with Speech Therapy. She's sitting up in bed (against the back with support), she's stacking more blocks / throwing them in the bucket. And she's using both her communication boards. There is a thick foam one with pictures that I made, and a small laminated one that speech uses. (A Julia friend also made us an AWESOME communication board... but so far Julia just likes sticking her Peppa toys in the pockets... so... not used as intended, but still provides entertainment. And that's totally occupational therapy as well =) So Julia was pointing to everyone's picture on the board: Mommy, Daddy, Gabriel, etc. And she was very clearly pointing to "help" and "tissue" on Speech's board right before she'd sneeze. And then "tissue" "trash" and then clap. So she's making progress!! Now she has her daily nausea dose for some expected afternoon-vomiting, and she's solidly in lala-land for the next many hours. One more day. ~~~~ In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I'd like to share The Blue Lollipop Project! "The Blue Lollipop Project was started by 12-year-old Riley Damiano in March 2014 in honor of Ty Louis Campbell who passed away from an aggressive pediatric brain cancer. Riley was introduced to Ty’s story when she was nine years old and it immediately grabbed her attention. Ty loved blue lollipops and Riley used this as the inspiration for her project. For every dollar raised through The Blue Lollipop Project, a blue lollipop is sent to a hospitalized child and 100% of donations fund innovative pediatric cancer research through The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. To date, The Blue Lollipop Project has nine “Blue Lollipop Approved” hospitals around the United States, has raised over $16,000 for pediatric cancer research, sent over 16,000 blue lollipops to children around the country, and made millions of people more aware of pediatric cancer. If you would like to support The Blue Lollipop Project, please donate on our website at or reach out to to hold a Blue Lollipop Fundraiser of your own!." . Guys... this was started by a 12 year old! She's now 17, and her efforts have raised over $16,000 to childhood cancer research. I don't know what you all did with your teenage years, but I certainly didn't spend mine doing something to selfless and amazing. This is a great foundation to donate your money to. Riley follows along with Julia and reached out personally with her foundation. I'd love for her to see an uptick in donations from Julia followers! And if nothing else, please "Like" her page - that doesn't cost anything =) Website: ~~~~ Picture: I had to include this... really makes my day! Julia magnet spotted in Maryland at a McDonalds!


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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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