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September 19, 2019

Final round of chemo, day 3 of 5 complete! More than halfway there <3 Her morning was pretty decent! She was a little tired, but cooperative and happy. She had GREAT therapy sessions! Speech Therapy worked with the communication board again. Julia would agree to things like "Tissue in trash" and then clap when it happened. So progress with communication. OT worked with some stacking blocks and Julia was doing it! It's the first time we've seen her stack again in a loooong time!! She did a GREAT job! And then she was destructo-bug and knocked them down (what kid doesn't?)... then she started throwing them. And Julia let the OT put an item in her LEFT hand (she usually doesn't allow that or has absolutely no interest). And the goal was to transfer it to her right hand. She tried to do it on her own (MAJOR progress!!), and then when she couldn't, she accepted help from the OT. It was a super awesome session both times. While on chemo!

But that's all the energy little Julia had. She started to get pretty barfy in the afternoon. She became exhausted and her vitals started to look worse. Not concerning, but she was clearly uncomfortable. And after a long vomit session, they gave her her nausea med combo around dinner time. That knocked her out immediately. Reed said there was no point in me even coming down after work... she would be out for hours. So I stayed home and tried to have a "super productive laundry day" ... that was a major fail. Since we're on the subject... my dryer made a loud bang (during the very first of 30 loads) and now it has power but nothing happens when I press buttons. That's the extent of my troubleshooting. So if anyone local to me has a recommendation for someone who can take a look, let me know =) ~~~~ I've gone to the PA Renaissance Faire every year since I was like, 10. Julia's been 2 out of 2 years. Unfortunately, this year she won't make it =( Just the other day, I was contacted by a non-profit called Unicorn Hugs. They dress up mini therapy horses as unicorns. They are based in Florida, but they are currently up my way at the Ren Faire! I remember them last year =) They said since Julia can't go this year, they want to bring the magic to her <3 <3 So they are going to contact CHOP about doing a visit with the unicorns for all the kids! I have no idea how Julia will respond - the therapy dogs have been hit or miss. But I am SO EXCITED to see these unicorns come to CHOP for all the other kids! And I'll dress Julia up in the prettiest princess dress I can find, and of course I'll take pictures and videos =) And seriously, if you're anywhere near this area, it's really a lot of fun. It's going on now, weekends until Halloween. I'll be going soon with Big Man Gabriel (and his kilt!) and Charlene's family. And give these guys a like... just for the magic they bring to Children's Hospitals and Senior Homes <3 ~~~ Video of sleepy color session in comments =)



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