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September 18, 2019

Final round of chemo, day 2 of 5 complete! She's as expected. Tired. Pukey. Somehow smiling. She threw up several times today and needed a few bonus string changes (her favorite!). Her vitals started to indicate that she was uncomfortable, so they gave her the Benadryl + (can't remember) combo, that's her first line of defense against nausea. It knocked her right out, and she's been sleeping comfortably for hours. Her vitals are all great. She looks super peaceful. Before that, she was happily watching Peppa on her iPad. And she had a great play session with Child Life. They played with blocks and read some books and she participated the whole time. I don't know if I've mentioned books... but Julia got sent a TON of super-awesome books a while back! So interactive. She and Gabriel both love them =) Yesterday PT attempted to measure Julia for her own special wheel chair - I think it's called a Kid Kart? But she was mid-barfing episode, so they weren't able to do it. They came back today but she was actively getting her chemo infusion so they weren't able to do it. They will come back every week day until they get her at a good time. Hopefully tomorrow or Friday. I have no idea of the process after measurements are done - I don't know if they're custom ordered, or if they just like, have a bunch in storage. But this will give her all the support she needs to get OUT OF BED regularly. FINALLY! But not much else to report, because zzzzzzz. ~~~~ I have a few random sweet things in my notes I thought I'd share <3

--- One little girl carries Julia's business card with her in her book bag all the time - she's had it with her every day to school. --- Another brought Julia's card to school and introduced her to his teacher as his hero <3 I grabbed that message and it's in the picture tonight.

--- One Julia follower is taking Julia's card with him on his travels all over Alaska - even above the arctic circle! If he sees a beautiful scene, he gets a picture for Julia <3 <3

--- And this family wanted to donate a Peppa stuffed animal to Texas Children's Hospital in honor of Julia <3 They made up an adorable tag and found the exact same Peppa doll she's holding in the picture. What an awesome donation idea!! <3 (And just since people will probably ask - the product I designed her business cards for (the folded tent card) is no longer available. So I can't order anymore. I still do have ~40 envelopes here addressed and 'ready to go out'... they've been like that for two months. One day I swear I'll get to the post office...) ~~~~ Picture: Julia in one of her BEAUTIFUL new silky Peppa shirts -- this is another shirt that isn't cut down in the back like a hospital gown =) Gotta get this girl used to normal clothes! And Charlene sent over this picture of Gabriel today. This boy is so lucky. He doesn't have his dad around very much at all... but look at this bond between him and Reed's brother. Aka "Gunkle". We couldn't ask for anyone better to step in while Reed can't be there. Gabriel is so loved. Video in comments: September two years ago, last year, and now <3 Julia and her daddy.


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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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