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September 13, 2019

Late update tonight. Had a nice dinner out with Charlene, Megan, and Manny... and our awesome server Dante... he seriously made our dinner so enjoyable! Now we're having 3/4 family time at home. It's so nice having Gabriel run around the house. He's yelling random toddler things, and coloring, and making marker swords, and pestering the cat. Reed and I have a movie on. It's almost really nice. We're missing one... but soon. It does make it a little easier knowing Julia had another great day! She's been awake and happy all day "unless we're trying to get vitals". She had a session with Speech/OT and they noted that she did really well, and engaged, and cooperated, and they noted that it was much better than last week (not a surprise since she was recovering from chemo). And she's had some hospital volunteers in to play with her, and she was very interested in that. They colored and played and watched her flip through her cartoons =) No barfing. Vitals are great. Happy Julia <3 She just got her bed and now after a long day of being AWAKE, it looks like she's on her way out. I've talked to social work and her nurses about finding a more appropriate chair for her. Her highchair is just too tight, and digs into her gtube location, so she doesn't get in it anymore. We can sit the bed upright, but she instantly wiggles back down. She was doing pretty well in her high chair and I know getting her seated upright every day will help so much - both with secretions and physical progress... and it HAS to help her mental state, right? She doesn't SEEM to want to sit up, but like... she's been in the bed for 10 MONTHS. I think it's just hard work, and hopefully as she gets used to it / builds up strength, she will start to enjoy the change of position. Anyway, so they're looking into options for a special chair. ~~~~ Oh, and random tidbit since people ask regularly: Gabriel is 1 and his birthday is Nov 15th, and Julia is 2 and her birthday is December 2nd <3 Pic: Julia checkin' out her new purple blanket <3 And Gabriel exploring our yard with the equipment and dirt piles. I'll need to post an update of the make-home-accessible-for-Julia progress soon! But Gabriel did not enjoy the dirt. And he did not like the worms. He's a Reed baby. Julia is a mommy baby... she would be all over that mud. Charlene suggested we bring Gabriel's little toy trucks out there tomorrow so we might do that =) Video in comments as well!


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