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September 12, 2019

Julia woke up silly and happy! So wiggly that she set off her heart alarm and then had a super adorable "uh oh" reaction (video in comments <3) Her blood counts must all be back up so she doesn't feel miserable from chemo. I loooooove her like this so much! Like nothing can go wrong in my day when she's having a good day. One more round to get through... that should start maybe week after next. Our nutritionist is chomping at the bit to get her hands on Julia once chemo is done. Her feeding tube is a huge blessing -- She has no desire to eat, so there are no "I feel bad, let's give her a donut" to contend with. She's going to get pumped full of everything she needs for optimal recovery: her gut from the chemo, her body from a year of bed rest, her brain from the stoke. We are SO EXCITED to work with Suzi. She's an expert in like... everything, but specifically cancer/chemo and brain injuries... so she is absolutely perfect for Julia. She's also working with me and Reed to get our health back in good order. I have a full set of labs ordered up to see what I'm deficient in (spoiler alert: everything). And she has Reed getting started on some easy shakes, patches, and creams to help offset the total lack of sunlight, sedentary lifestyle, and 300+ days of the same "southeast Asian rice bowl". Hearing her excitement for Julia helps us feel like treatment isn't "ending" when Julia leaves the hospital in a month or so <3 But she's had a great day. Lots of playing, lots of cuddling. Super content with everything - her grocery basket has been her best friend. She's been flying that fairy Peppa through the air. And we colored quiet a bit... moreso on the bed than the paper. Therapy was scheduled today, but they didn't make it in. I'm bummed because she was in a SUPER good mood. Reed checked several times and they said they were coming... so they must have gotten held up somewhere. I know it happens. We did plenty of PT on our own though. They're also going to look into another sitting option. She's getting a bit too big for her highchair, and it digs right into her gtube which is obviously uncomfortable. But sitting up does seem to help her mucus; she just won't stay upright in bed if she has any say. So hopefully some progress there. ~~~~ Pic: First thing in the morning Julia yanked her HME off and started playing with it.... typical toddler. And this is how Aunt Charlene treats Gabriel's minor case of diaper rash -- naked baby outside! ...he thought it was pretty excellent. And my boss installing touch-free hand sanitizers around the office to help keep Julia protected during the upcoming flu season! Have I mentioned U-neek is amazing? =) Video in comments: This morning Julia wiggled around and set off her 'big deal' heart alarm. She knows people come running when that happens, and it usually makes her super excited. So she made sure daddy knows she did something!! And since it's a short video of Julia, I added a clip from last night with our time with Gabriel <3


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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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