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September 1, 2019

Round 11 of chemo is complete, so she got her immunity booster shot today, and now we wait for chemo to do what it does.  She's making good use of her no-therapy weekend by sleeping... a lot.  Again, almost all day.  She's also really struggling with vomiting today, but that's not unexpected.  I think she had six major episodes.  The worst will be over soon =(

So she's been sleeping since around lunch up until her evening care.  She was woken up for her bath and sting change, and is now happily laughing and clapping along to her TV show <3 Her right cheek is also really rosy - this is because she wipes her spit that way, and I understand chemo is excreted in bodily fluids for up to 2 days so it can irritate chemo-sensitive skin.  She's been on her HME ALL DAY, since really early this morning.  So I think... 14 hours and going.  And still no breathing rate from the vent at night.  Huge progress.

I'm not down there tonight, so I asked Reed to take a video of "whatever she's doing right now", so that's in the comments.  And it's cute!  She just wants to hold his hand, and practically jumps up and down in bed... horizontally... with excitement.  And the little determined face she makes at the end when he's trying to let go is awesome <3 


In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I will try to share good causes several times a week.  I'll start with the Chordoma Foundation - this is the official foundation for Julia's cancer, and from personal experience, they are amazing.  I don't even remember how we got in touch, but they follow along with Julia, they read her nightly blog (Hello!), and they have done AMAZING things as far as patient resources and funding research.  The stats on their page are impressive.

You can donate any amount, one time or monthly, and there is even an option for "employer match" and to donate in someone's  honor <3 

Also!  The Chordoma Foundation is an option for both Facebook Birthday fundraisers and AmazonSmile =)  ~~~~

CBD BioCare is having a labor day sale.  Their products are discounted, and Dana donates 35% of her sales directly to Julia - either in actual bottles or a credit to my account.  We've received many donated bottles this way, and now there are a few other families we're trying to help out as well.  So if you buy CBD products, tomorrow is a good day to stock up!  Use couponcode Danaboyd:


It's sharing Sunday (I actually remembered before posting), so please share any needs you have in the comments - but you guys can do this any day, it doesn't just need to be Sunday <3 Video in comments!



. ********** ~~ Julia Adams ~~  ***********    ************* Official Links ************* *************************************

Julia's official pages:  Website: Facebook: Julia's Fight Against Rare Cancer - Fund GoFundMe:

Julia's official fundraisers:  T-shirts: | Children's Book: Jewelry:

Where I buy Julia's CBD Oil (CBD BioCare 3500mg bottle): || Coupon code: danaboyd

Chordoma Foundation:

If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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