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October 5, 2019

I was going to post about what a GREAT time Gabriel had at Longwood Gardens today... but his big day out was way overshadowed by JULIA'S BIG DAY OUT!!! She FINALLY got outside for some fresh air for the first time in 340 days! The last time she was outside was Halloween-eve last year, when we went shopping for costumes. I guess Julia was feeling pretty good, her counts have recovered, and some nurses had availability to take her for a walk. So they got her in her stroller, got her portable equipment all settled, and she was super comfortable - she could hardly stay awake even in her room. She was very snuggled in =). They took her out the front door and walked around the side of the building and back in through the back door. Despite coughing, she was very content! The sun was definitely bright in her eyes, but she got used to it after a little bit. It was a breezy day, but she was tucked in under a few blankets and did really well. And I guess when they walked in through the back they passed through a small garden, and one of the nurses picked a flower for Julia... she smacked it out of their hand with a no-finger. That's my fussy girl! But she's been in a good mood today. A few small barfs, but they seemed more gag-related. Just lots and lots of coughing, and eventually she gets herself so worked up she vomits. But lots of smiles and cuddles. Vitals are fine. Still on the anti-fungal which is likely contributing to her nausea. That should be over in a few more days. After her big day out she got really tired. She had been on her HME since 8am (to 8pm), and they consider this a lot of activity for someone in her condition, even though she just sat there, so they put her back on her vent to sleep - not that she was struggling, but just to make sure she gets nice restful sleep after all the excitement. So I'm waiting for sleeping beauty to wake up after a many-hour evening nap for some FaceTime with mommy and brother =) ~~~~ Gabriel also had a big day out (though less monumental than Julia's) to Longwood Gardens with Manny and Megan. I'll share some pictures tomorrow. But afterwards we we went out to eat, and Gabriel was playing with a lemon. He had it all torn apart in his hand... juice and seeds everywhere. I said, "You're going to regret that when you put that in your eye". Well, apparently he only heard, "Put that in your eye", because he immediately rammed the entire lemon onto his eyeball... that ended about as expected. So, other than that major parenting fail, he had an AWESOME day! ~~~~ Reed only got two short videos of her on her walk!! Ugh! But they are both put together in the comments. I added a bonus one of Gabriel having a great time (and getting soaked). If you're local and have toddlers... Longwood Gardens has some really fun areas just for them =)

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