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October 29, 2019 - Very bad news

Very bad news with the MRI and team meeting. The cancer growth has "exploded" and there are no more medical options. Within the last 4 weeks, the tumor has gone from being stable to being 'everywhere'. It's all over her brain stem, down her spine, and in her membrane lining. They had MRIs with them but I declined looking at them. The description was enough. This chemo was the only chemo option, and it didn't work. If they had continued, our oncologist is sure the cancer would have taken off in a month or so. Surgery is not an option because the cancer is everywhere. Radiation is not an option because it would need to be whole-brain radiation. This would give her a slight life extension but with devastating side effects. They cannot do the pin-point radiation due to her spinal hardware. We were told her trach and feeding tube will be, or may have already been, extending her life. Apparently breathing trouble happens early when cancer in this location takes off - this is why she's been having trouble coming off the vent at night. We were not given a life expectancy, but given how quickly it's grown, and how cancer typically grows, and what happened in January, I would assume "weeks". But how long we have of her being awake and coherent... who knows. . Not sure what else to say at this point. She did wonderfully with her PT today. She had a tea party and then continued to play after the therapists left. But I feel sick to my stomach thinking about posting those videos like everything is OK... so I'm skipping that for now. . I am already looking into other reasonable alternative options. We will try anything that does not cause her distress. . . .

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