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October 2, 2019

Julia had a pretty good morning, but only an OK afternoon. She's thrown up twice, once was enough to soak all her trach strings and her chemo port area, so she got everything washed down and changed out. Other than that, vitals are fine. Heart rate in the 140s which is great for her. They're going to stop doing daily labs as all her counts have recovered fully. The discussion right now is what to do with the chemo port in her chest. Because of her blood infection, Infectious Disease wants the port out - I guess once there is yeast around it, it really never gets "uninfected". So they're going to wait for the 2 weeks of antibiotics run their course, and then they will put her under and remove the port. The question is: will a new one have to go back in. Oncology gets to make that call. Chemo is done, so they will consider how much testing / treatment she's likely to need in the near future, and if the benefits outweigh the risks. But if she CAN be port-free, I think everyone wants that. She did not have her therapies today. Ugh. I guess speech came in really early and she was still sleeping (it doesn't help that she's not back on a real schedule yet). Then OT came in right when she had her major barf, so they said they'd come back. They came back 20 minutes later but she was still in the middle of getting all her dressings and devices changed, so they couldn't do it. They said they'd be back tomorrow... but they were already schedule for tomorrow, so it's just another missed day. I hope she starts feeling better after this week and can really get into daily therapy. She just now went back on her vent, she was on the HME all day and did great. I guess yesterday she struggled a bit with the HME, but that was likely due to the loopy meds they gave her for her g-tube procedure. So they commented she did just fine today. But she got her bath early (because of the barf) and some anti-nausea meds, so now she can barely keep her eyes open. She's cuddling her Peppa, and watching Peppa, and thinking of drifting off to sleep. (Finally a decent bed time!) ~~~~ Julia video in comments. Bonus Gabriel footage <3



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