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October 12, 2019

Julia had an OK day - medically it was fine, fussiness it was... toddler. I woke up with the slightest sore throat... that's come and gone over the last few months, probably from just sleeping funny, so I wasn't totally sure. So I went to the hospital and used every sanitation station I passed. I even held everything with a sanitizing wipe... not taking any chances. And of course I wore a mask, which she wasn't thrilled about. She kept pointing at my face and doing the no-finger. So I stayed a few hours, but by the end, my sore throat was worse. I sneezed one time (into the mask) and then told the nurse that was my queue to leave since it definitely seemed like a cold. (Now at 10pm I'm sure it's a cold.) But while I was there, Julia had a pretty decent time. Apparently she didn't sleep great last night. I guess kids either sleep really well or really poorly after anesthesia... she slept poorly. So she ended up sleeping from like, 7am-noon when they woke her up to do all her daily care. She was up early afternoon and definitely didn't want to be. I did get some smiles. Lots of requests for hugs and kisses (which I had to turn down). Lots of bed pats. We played a tea party for a while - she didn't want to give anyone a sip, she just wanted to pretend-stir her tea. Then we colored a bit. Then she swore up and down she wasn't sleepy (which you'll see in the video). We laid her bed down, despite the protests, and she fell right asleep. So I stayed and kept an eye on her until her companion showed up <3 (She still has 24/7 one-to-one coverage until the trach-pulling situation is over.) The plan was to take her for another walk outside today, but she was just way too sleepy. So they were just letting her have a relax day, after her procedure yesterday, and they'll see if they can get her out tomorrow =) ~~~~ So I'm definitely sick. If I'm sneezing or coughing tomorrow I won't be going down. Reed is also on the mend. This is the fastest he's recovered from a cold ever. He's still sick for sure, and has quite the cough, but he sounds WAY better today then he did the last two days. We have Suzi to thank for her cold protocol... which I've started myself today. Hopefully we get Reed back down by Monday or Tuesday =) So Reed and I are at home right now, watching movies because we have nothing else to do. We just watched Spiderman and now he has requested to watch all three John Wicks (seriously). So... I guess that's my night. I will do my best to fall asleep during the first. ~~~~ Video in comments: Julia when I first got there, then Julia "not being sleepy".

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