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November 29, 2018

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

The hope was to wake Julia up today, but she actually ended up needing more oxygen and rescues throughout the night, so they turned up the settings on her ventilator. Not the direction we want to go. They also believe she has pneumonia, so she's being treated for that (still waiting for her other cultures to come back). They said it's not necessarily common to get it, but it's not unheard of with the breathing tube she was on before. Apparently she had to be disconnected a lot to be cleaned, and that can introduce bacteria. They hope that once her pneumonia is treated, she'll do better as they ween her breathing. The nurse said tomorrow is a possibility, but not likely at this point. Other than that, Julia's vitals are still stable and she has not had a fever since that one instance on Tuesday.

Ugh. I hate that she has an infection now and is not responding optimally to being woken up. I want something to start going right.

And my little man has a rash from his vaccines a few weeks ago so I'm not allowed to see him either! I haven't seen Gabriel in nearly two weeks 😞 He's super happy at my sister in laws... but I feel like I'm living in some weird twilight zone where the last two years never happened and I don't actually have any kids.

Hopefully we'll get more optimistic news tomorrow.

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