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November 21, 2018

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Not much to share. Reed and I are sick as dogs and have stayed away. Julia remains stable. Her swelling is starting to go down. They've stopped the paralytic and are decreasing her sedation level just to the point she can start twitching (which I guess is something they like to see). But they are keeping her mostly under and very comfortable. They will not be waking her up today or tomorrow. Friday is a possibility. They've started to feed her through a feeding tube just to get nutrition in to speed up the healing process. They are being very careful with this process since the breathing tube is still attached. So far they are happy with the progress. The neurology team is also happy with her progress. I was expecting a call from the resident doctor today to discuss exactly what the team is thinking as far as a wake-up plan, but they said the call might be later in the evening and I haven't received it yet.

They are aware of why Reed and I are not by her bedside right now. Due to an unexpected hospital visitor and the sickness going around this area, we've restricted all visitors while we're unable to be there. These germs just hit Reed and I so hard, I hate thinking someone might visit with good intentions and share our 104 fevers. We will not be seeing her tomorrow, just due to our illnesses. We went to the doctor today and were told we should probably be OK by Saturday. I'm hoping that they don't wake her up before then, just because want to be there so badly.

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