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November 2, 2018

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Julia's biopsy was successful. She just got back into the room now. They're leaving the breathing tube in for another night because they went in through the mouth and had to use a tongue compressor. They expect a little swelling so they want to be sure she's good to breathe before they take it out. Probably tomorrow. She also has stitches in her throat so she won't be able to eat for a day or two after that. Initial results on the biopsy were not super helpful, but now they are almost positive it is NOT an infection, which is what we were hoping for (and what all teams had been strongly leaning toward). The neurosurgeon said they're still very confused, and the sample is being sent out for tons of tests. We most likely will not get any results back until Monday - so three more days. In the same breath he said tumor, malignant, and chemo... so it's not hard to read between the lines as to what he thinks this is.

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