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November 19, 2019

Short update. Almost forgot to update at all! Reed said he’d like Longhorn for birthday dinner (he loves their ribs). So we’re there now getting a late dinner. Thanks to Angela for the gift card ❤ Now he said he wants to go see Joker. So I guess we’re heading to a movie in a bit. Then likely back down to the goof goof.

She’s had a fine day. Tolerating Mebendazole fine so far, no issues. They are administering it 2x a day. She had a combo therapy today, speech and OT. She did OK 🙂 A little weak, as seems to be her new norm. But she put the coins in the piggy bank anyway ❤ While they were setting up for the session, they had pulled her iPad off to the side. When they weren’t looking, she rolled over, reached way out over the bed, and pulled the iPad back! Julia has things to do. Cartoons to flip through.

She finally started her first nap of the day around 7pm. She’s been sleeping so well we’re both hoping she’s out for the night.

That’s all for now. Typing is slow on my phone. The video I want to share is on Reeds phone and it’s ancient, so I might need to wait until we’re back to a computer to transfer. So no video right now. I might just add it to tomorrow.

Pic of her finally giving up on channel surfing and falling asleep ❤




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