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November 19, 2018

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Julia's fusion surgery went well. The surgeon said she did perfectly fine and the surgery was "easy and uneventful". They ended up fusing from her skull down to and including her c4 vertebra. He said she will be in her halo for at LEAST 6 weeks. At that point they will look to see how she's healing and determine when it can be taken off.

Her swelling has not gone down much, but no one seems surprised. He said it should start getting better over the next few days. As soon as her airway is clear they will wake her up and take the breathing tube out - that will be at least another few days.

Reed and I have our oncology meeting tomorrow and we should get lots of information about her chemo, what they're using, when it will start, how much time we'll realistically be in the hospital, and what to expect at home.

Still waiting on her swelling to go down before sharing another pic, but for the meanwhile, Tiger has been keeping her company...


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