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November 15, 2018

Julia’s procedures today went well. She had the lumbar puncture and chest port installed. She’s tired and a bit fussy, but this greatly reduces the need for any more IVs, so that’s good. Her eyes are more noticeable but don’t seem to be causing her discomfort. I’m not going to post a pic of her eyes being weird because it grosses me out. They’re planning on increasing her steroid just to see if it helps, nothing in the CT scan yesterday pointed to a possible cause.

Her surgery is scheduled for early tomorrow and expected to go into the evening. This is the one to remove as much cancer as possible. Please pray for that to be very successful. I believe we’ll be told shortly after how much they believe they got out.

I guess no other update until she wakes up. The next time I see her she’ll have her fancy new head brace. Tomorrow is going to be extremely high stress. Ugh.

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