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November 13, 2018

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Julia had her CT scan today. The first piece of good news we've received is that the cancer doesn't appear to be anywhere else in her body at this time. That doesn't increase her odds of survival, but it also doesn't lower them (which it would have). So we're taking that victory for what it is.

She has the catheter tube and ... bucket... thing, attached to her leg. She hates it, as expected. It will be there until tomorrow and is just for a 24 hour liver test. She's been very sleepy all day because they had to do general again for the CT scan. She's just spent most of the day snuggling on daddy.

Tomorrow we hope to hear final word from the surgeons if they will do her surgery on Friday or not. I'm going to be a wreck knowing she's having brain surgery done, but I will be less of a wreck than I would be knowing the majority of the cancer isn't being chopped out... so really hoping they go for it. And I guess I'm a brain-surgery-anxiously-waiting-family-member expert at this point, since I had to wait nervously through dad's 4 operations this summer. He always came out the other side OK 😊 And he always said the pain of recovery wasn't bad at all - the pain relievers do a really good job for that procedure. So I'll be holding to that.

This is Julia getting a peppermint patty treat - her favorite.

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