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May 5, 2019

Julia had a pretty good day today. Just a few barfs. Vitals are all fine - no concerns. We don't have new info on her blood counts, but we expect them to be pretty much at the bottom right now, and might be for another few days. By the weekend they should start coming back up and she'll start feeling better! She's already SO much better than while actively on chemo. Lots of smiles and wiggles =)

OT stopped by to work with her again; about 30 minutes. She was leaned back against the bed, so not fully sitting up. They had a bunch of colored blocks and two buckets. Julia's job was to transfer blocks from one to another, and she actually did pretty good with it! She participated and seemed to enjoy herself <3

As our Facebook friend, Janelle, has so awesomely pointed out - today is 4 MONTHS past "days to live". January 6th was easily the worst day of our lives... Julia had days to live, a week at most. Totally unresponsive due to the cancer pressure on her brain stem. According to her team... there was no chance at recovery. All efforts were refocused on comfort only.

So on the 6th of every month, Janelle posts a reminder to celebrate how far Julia has come! And she has come SO FAR!

[Link to that post, with 2 wonderful slideshows of Julia. No idea how this sharing will work... but I'll give it a try:]

Oh, I did want to comment - I've talked to so many people about the alternative therapies we're using on Julia. I just want to mention two things: The first is we are DEFINITELY doing chemo as well. I think that's obvious with my posts, right? I mention it all the time. I just know Julia's name is coming up in some places as evidence to forgo traditional treatments and ONLY go with alternatives. I have no idea where Julia would be had we done that (assuming we were given the option) possibly the same, possibly better, possibly worse. We have no idea. But we ARE doing chemo - a very intense chemo - so we just don't know for sure what's working. I would hate for someone to decide against regular treatment BECAUSE of Julia, since that's not what she's doing.

And also, at the risk of contradicting myself - I want to stress how close to death she was. It was days away. The rapid tumor growth slowed down to a crawl (and possibly reversed - we don't know because we don't have those images), before a drop of chemo touched her system. In my very limited experience... it's never too late to try these treatments. I've talked to so many people whose loved ones have essentially given up. And obviously no judgment at all - but I get success stories several times a WEEK of CBD/RSO eliminating cancer. And we're not talking about people just sharing random links - these are people who have cured their own cancer, or watched a loved one cure their cancer, with these alternative therapies. All kinds of cancers: melanoma, lung, breast, colon, brain... and as advanced as stage 4, literally from the hospice bed. JUST LIKE JULIA.

I might be the most skeptical person in the world... one of the reasons I never REALLY strongly suggested my dad try this stuff. But it's hard to deny when it's right in front of you. So please keep that in mind, if you or someone you know is fighting cancer... this is an option. At any stage. In combination or not with traditional treatment. I'm happy to share any info I have, and I try to get to my messages regularly now <3

Tonight is sleeping beauty snoozin' with Big Peppa! (Actually - can someone 'in-the-know' clarify if this is Peppa? Reed thinks it might be a different character from the show. We've been calling it Big Peppa and Julia might be rolling her eyes.) And the video is an adorable clip Reed took at like, 3:00 in the morning. He woke up to find AWAKE HAPPY BABY. She wanted daddy to lay next to her - you can see the precious bed-pat she does, that Reed was so sad he was never going to see again <3 <3 <3


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