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May 4, 2019

Sorry, late update tonight. Was talking to Reed on the phone and trying to type this update at the same time... and my brain isn't allowing me to focus on two things at once. i'm off now! So I'm going to try to clean this up real quick and get it posted.

Julia had a fine day today =) She hated her bath. hated her string change. Hated her diaper changes... so pretty normal. She only barfed twice (which is pretty good for her). Her heart rate is 117, which is really great - that's the lowest it's been in a while. And all her levels are bottomed out, so she's just been sleeping most of the day. She's extra puffy in the images tonight - that's just because they're making sure she's super hydrated. She's (surprisingly) had VERY minimal complications from chemo, but one is a bit of blood in her urine. The fix for that was lots of hydration, so they're just trying to avoid it altogether this round. So she's extra puffy in the face, but no concerns.

She definitely does NOT like it when Reed goes away. She points and mouths, "dada dada dada". She's also started reaching out with her right foot to nudge him to get his attention. It's adorable <3 So if he's sitting next to her but not paying attention, she kicks him =) And Reed was purposely harassing her with kisses while she was trying to watch Paw Patrol... she played along and pushed him away, but then called him right back over once he backed up. Sweet little personality.

Being May, all kinds of weird deja-vu feelings are coming back as I see the trees change. Last year in May is when time both stood still and started speeding forward. I can't believe it's been a whole year... It's May 4th. Star Wars Day ("May the fourth be with you", for Julia's non-nerdy friends). I always enjoyed reminding my dad it was Star Wars day. He was a huge geek. Two May 4th's ago, he was at a Star Wars banking event dressed up as Han Solo. Last year he was at Penn having brain surgery. This year he's... nowhere.

Just a reminder to live your life. Especially if it involves dressing up and doing something stupid and fun. (He also wanted to dress up as Gandalf and go hiking somewhere popular... to give other people a laugh. Never happened, but he liked to think about it!)

Speaking of, every April I did a Melanoma reminder to check your skin. My dad was first diagnosed with melanoma like, 4 years ago. They removed some stuff and then declared him cancer-free. So every year I like to remind people to check their moles so they can beat cancer like my dad did. It's a different sort of warning now. But seriously - go to the dermatologist every year. Many of you won't... so at MINIMUM take pictures of your freckles and moles and anything else weird on your skin. It will take you and a friend like, 15 minutes. And then you'll have them to reference in the future when you think you see something weird. I started cataloging our skin with dad's melanoma scare. I have a calendar reminder every 6 months. Then over summer Reed saw a spot on his stomach that looked a bit off. I was able to pull up the last 3 years worth of pictures, and I confirmed it HAD changed. That was all the info we needed to go the dermatologist and had it cut off. (It was nothing.)

So if nothing else, at least get pictures of everything. Melanoma is... not something worth risking for convenience.

No video sleeping beauty tonight, so I picked one from exactly a year ago. We were at my office and my dad was giving her her first drops of Gingerale. She loved it <3

[Edit - picture is Julia getting a bath. She's not unhappy in the middle pic, she's smiling because she just got covers! Her favorite part of bath time. But I realized she actually looks unhappy.]


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