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May 18, 2019

Short update tonight. I’m away from a computer so I have to type on my phone.

Julia had an expected day, for the day after chemo. She was pretty OK in the morning, but got a bit grumpy as the day went on. She just got really tired.

She managed to pull her iPad out of the holder and then look really confused (in the pic tonight). And really the “highlight” of her day is she disconnected her trach! Reed woke up to her alarms going off. But she was totally calm. She just waved, smiled, and went back to watching her cartoons! She didn’t seem to even notice that her trach was disconnected. Which I guess is actually really good... since she could clearly breathe ok without it for a short time.

(During the day it has been weaned to only provide a small amount of CPAP support - just continuous air to keep her lungs open. It’s not breathing for her or anything. At night her settings are higher and the vent gives her more help so she can sleep.)

Other than that, no therapies or anything since it’s the weekend, so she’s just resting and recovering from the chemo.

I had a really nice time out dancing last night. Reed also had a great night since the new season of the video game he plays started. So he’s been doing that all weekend. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Reed doesn’t want to leave the hospital. He’s perfectly content there, and leaving would not be refreshing or anything - it would in no way recharge him, as it would for most people (like me). Only with great effort can I convince him to get out for a few hours.

So just a single pic of Julia messing with her iPad, and I grabbed a video off my phone of her being an adorable little pumpkin shortly before getting sick ❤ (She’s seeing a plane out the window, then wondering where it goes.)

(Video on Facebook - YouTube not working from phone)

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