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May 14, 2019

Round 6 of chemo is wiping her out, as expected. She slept most of the day, and barely even woke up to fight during her string changes. Her vitals are... OK. No sign of fever but her heart rate has been very high. Between 170-200 depending on what's going on. Got up to 210 during her bath. They aren't super concerned, because she's done this before while on chemo, but they're keeping an eye on it. In general, all the doctors are still super happy with how she's doing, and how well she's tolerating treatment.

Speech therapy stopped in to try some more apple juice swallowing, but she was in the middle of a super-grumpy nap, so they will just double up the therapies tomorrow. She really seems interested in moving her left arm, which is great! She doesn't seem to have much control with her fingers, but she can definitely move it around from the elbow now. And she's doing a great job wiggling around to get comfy. To wave to me on the couch, she turned almost completely on her side by herself! She was laying on her back and rolled to her right, so her left arm was kind of just hanging limp behind her and I think that prevented her. When Reed adjusted it up to her side she was able to almost complete the roll. Definite improvement there - definite interest in moving.

Just a few minutes ago, Paw Patrol was on the TV and she starts bouncing her feet around, pointing at the TV, and going "Peppa! Peppa! Peppa!" ... 2 minutes later, at 9:30, Peppa came on! I don't know if she can read a clock, or just has the order of shows memorized. Because she certainly knew it was coming up! And she's SUPER excited about the Peppa sticker on the back of her hand! She just holds her hand up in front of her face and stares at it with a big smile!

Pic tonight is a very happy, content baby just after her bath was over and she got to put on PJs and covers <3 I combined 2 short clips for the video in the comments... mostly just her being goofy <3


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