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May 13, 2019

Julia had a decent day. All her vitals are fine, and her vomiting is as it has been (1-2x a day, but mostly mucus). But she started round 6 of chemo, so she'll be miserable most of the week =( The chemo plans is the same - 5 days of infusions, and then recovery. I believe one more round of chemo (after this) and then another MRI.

She's remained consistent with her 2am dance parties. She's VERY happy then, for some reason. The nurses think its adorable <3

She had another productive PT session today. They got her sitting up in a little chair again (and she's wearing pants for the first time in 6 months, so that's new and exciting!) All she really wanted to do was hug daddy. They eventually got her to play with a ball. I kept the whole video in, rather than trimming off the last part, just so you can see her ups and downs. She SO wants to play, but she gets frustrated pretty fast =( They were having her play with a ball for a while, which she seemed to mostly enjoy. They were really trying to encourage her to use her left arm, with minimal success. She clearly WANTS to use it, but it's just not cooperating. It must be an extra challenge to do PT with a toddler who won't/doesn't know how to listen. They can't just TELL her to use her left arm to strengthen it, so they have to trick her.


Better day for me than yesterday. Yesterday sucked right up until the end. After I posted, I thought I'd take a nice hot bath since my back hurt, I haven't tried a soak in forever. So I filled up the tub with all the normal bath stuff... and then as soon as I sat in it, I realized it was the first time in my adult life my cat Socks would not be jumping up to sit with me =( She was 15 when she died in January, and it was just one of those "firsts" everyone deals with after a loss. ...Ashes did come in for a minute, but she just knocked over my Gatorade bottle and left. It wasn't the same -_- (She's kind of a jerk)

But then as I was trying to wind down, I went through my phone and looked at all of Julia's pictures from December and January. It really reminded me how far she's come. She shouldn't be here today... and if that were the case, I'd be begging (uselessly) for the privilege of watching PT frustrate her. Honestly, life was so awful in January, I think I've blocked most of it out.

So... just needed some perspective.

I also saw the chiropractor today, and used one of the massage vouchers I've had for a year to get a massage. Both were really great. And I ordered a back brace after reading some suggestions and I'll start taking the CBD I give to Julia. Honestly, when the injury happened, I spent the next ~1.5 years being pregnant, so all normal options were off the table. I was doing PT 3x a week, but eventually it started spiking my blood pressure, and I guess protocol is to send a pregnant woman to the ER because who wants to risk that. It eventually became so inconvenient (with no improvement) that I just stopped. I couldn't find a brace that provided useful support while fitting over a pregnant stomach... no imaging/scans because of pregnancy, no surgery, no muscle relaxers, no narcotic pain meds (Motrin isn't even safe). I couldn't even take a hot bath. So I think I just accepted that the pain was part of my life. And then after I was done being pregnant, I had just become an expert at not irritating it. So this is the first time I'm having to address it head-on.

So hopefully the brace and the CBD provide enough relief to make bending not miserable.

[Edit: I have no idea what happened to my back. It locked up while I was hiking with friends and has been horrible since. A random mule rescued me from the woods. No lie.]

Picture tonight is Julia's HAPPY 2AM DANCE PARTY and then a snooze <3


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