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May 11, 2019

Late update tonight, so I'll keep it short and sweet =) Julia had a pretty good day today! Vitals are all fine. She's definitely getting energy back as the chemo effects wear off (she'll be hit again Monday though, so it will be short lived =( )

She's having so many "firsts" recently! She's seriously improving by the day... it's crazy. Today the nurse brought in some nice fat markers and some paper, and Julia spent about an HOUR coloring! She had such a good time! She had just started to color back in October before she got sick. I think I had only colored with her maybe 2-3 times before taking her in, so it was a brand new thing for her =) She did a really great job, and she quickly improved with controlling the marker.

But you can see her face is a bit red and splotchy, and at some point she has some tears - that's because she was getting frustrated =( It was very clear she would try to move her arm in a certain way and it wouldn't go, or she'd try to shift the marker in her hand and she would drop it instead. Sad to see the frustration, but I guess it's a normal part of having to relearn things like this... I guess most people going through rehab get frustrated. AND we still don't know the quality of her eye sight (in either eye), or how well she can look down, so if she was having difficulty/discomfort there, that probably added to her frustration.

But in general, she LOVED it! And now we'll definitely add this to the list of things she can do throughout the day.

4 months ago she couldn't even twitch a finger. Now she turns pages on books, wiggles for her favorite TV shows, talks to us, holds her head up, passes shapes around, throws her toys, gets excited for brother, COLORS!... She's improving so quickly I'm getting nervous that it's just too good to be true.

(I'm on the phone with Reed and I hear him say "What are you so excited for kicky feet? Bubble Gupplies! Is Bubble Gupplies on!?" I LOVE that she gets excited for cartoons <3 )

I'm very excited to spend Mother's Day tomorrow with both my babies! <3 <3 <3

(Late update tonight because I had some friends over... it was really really nice. Manny, Megan, Alicia, Dave, Alyssa) Video merge is taking longer than expected... posting so this gets up and I will add the video of her coloring as soon as it's ready! Few minutes.


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