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March 5, 2020

No real changes today.  Vitals are the same: heart rate 170s, BP 70s/30s.  No fevers.  She needed some platelets yesterday, and that transfusion went fine.  

They're looking to get her a more advanced bed that keeps air flowing in it a bit more (her current one does, but not as much).  These other beds are more meant for people who are getting bed sores on their bottom area, which she is not, but they're hoping it provides some relief anyway. 

After her bath today she had some awake time, but no movement in her eye (it just stared ahead).  She seemed to respond to conversation with some blinks and nuzzled when her head was rubbed.  She had her tongue sticking between her teeth and Reed said "I'm gonna get your tongue" and she pulled it back in and made some cute lip smacks.  So... still understands and reacts, just minimal body control.

Lots of cuddles and kisses.  Plenty of cartoons.  Comfortable and lots of sleeping. 

No video tonight.




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