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March 5, 2019

We got partial results from the MRI this evening.  Only a few people looked at them, and they said they really need to be looked at in depth by the whole team before any conclusive results are given,  but they are tentatively GOOD!!

From initial comparisons, they can see "some things have not changed, and some things have improved!"  We have no specifics on what those 'things' are... but they do not immediately see ANY growth!! a cancer that was growing out of control just 2 months ago!!


So they just wanted to give us those initial results, even though there isn't a whole lot of detail.  They are expecting the whole team to look at them tomorrow morning.

As soon as Reed told me the results, I got REALLY tired.  I'm just yawning through this whole update.  I've been so anxious and nervous... and now that I know it's not 'really really really bad news', I just want to sleep!  I was so afraid that all hope would be taken away today with these results.  It was not!

She's expected to start her third and final (for now) round of chemo sometime this week.  It will be the same 5-day infusion and then several weeks of recovery.  But with her new MRI results, the doctors are going to discuss other treatment options that may now be back on the table.  I assume this means another surgery, radiation, or additional chemo.  We should be hearing their thoughts on that in a few days... but it's so nice to hear that there might be OPTIONS again!   She had a good day today.  A little vomiting after the anesthesia, but stable vitals (heart rate slightly elevated 140s, ET high 40s, BP 107/58).  

When we walked in Julia DEFINITELY had her right eye open!  More than what I showed in the picture -- I'd say about 1/4 - 1/3 of the way.  But it was open and she was holding it pretty steady.  And earlier, she got chilly during her bath and got goosebumps (which was awesome to see!) and she gave a nice big shiver, and responded with her 'yes' motion to, "Do you want covers?", and then was really happy to be warm and snuggled.  Such NORMAL toddler behavior! And in the video, you can see she shakes her head(!) and responds with "No" when asked if she's tired.  She was a big fan of "No!"  before she got sick, and it's soooo nice to see her favorite word again, along with some purposeful head movement <3 

She enjoyed a relaxing spa day with Aunt Charlene <3 Charlene soaked her hands in nice warm water, which Julia REALLY seemed to love (she kept stretching her fingers almost like she was trying to play with it!), and then she got lots of lotion with a hand massage, and then a new manicure (with water-based, non-toxic nail polish from one of her new Facebook friends!)  Now Charlene is showing Julia some pictures that were printed out for her benefit. Lots of cute pictures of Julia being adorable.  She seems to really like looking at them =) 

I hope to be able to update tomorrow with specifics.  I might even be brave enough to take some pictures of the MRIs...  

Omgosh though.  I'm so relieved.  I know we don't have a final verdict yet, but 'tentatively good' is SO MUCH BETTER than what initial results could show!

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