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March 3, 2020

Another short update as nothing much has changed.  Vitals are the same: heart rate 170s, ET 40s, BP 70s/40s.  No fevers.  

She's been very sleepy the last few days.  The team is discussing weaning her Morphine a bit.  The thought, as I understand it, is because she's not really getting rid of stuff (no urine / abdominal drain has slowed way down), they're wondering if the Morphine is just kind of accruing in her system.  The amount she's on should not make her this tired, but if she's not getting rid if it... it could be.  There's also the very likely possibility it's the cancer making her so tired.  But they want to rule out Morphine since it's an easy enough test.  Nothing has started yet, it was just brought up at rounds.

They also started a new cream to help the skin integrity around her g-tube, specifically because of the swelling / stretching.  I think it's a cream to help keep the skin strong, as well as a mild antibiotic.  

Her eyes been open a few times today.  Some zombie staring, some cartoons, some seeking out source of aggravation (usually nurses giving her a bath).  But minimal.  Very tired, but still comfortable.  Lots of cuddles. Lots of daddy pestering her on purpose.    


I got a short visit with little guy after his swim lesson <3 We played with pretty much every toy in his closet (any random string of letters "spells Julia!"), then he wanted cheese, then he wanted to "watch Peppa with Mommy".  He is the busiest cuddle bug.


No video tonight.




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