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March 2, 2020

Super short update... really nothing has changed.  

Julia has been sleeping comfortably all day.  Lots of sleeping - definitely much more sleepy than over the weekend.  Barely any awake time, which we expected.  She wakes up when she's bothered, but then goes right back to sleep.  She's had her cartoons on and off throughout the day, but really hasn't had her eye open to watch them.

Vitals remain unchanged: heart rate 170s, ET 40s, BP 70s/40s.  No fevers.  Abdominal drain is letting out about 30ml an hour (which is replaced with IV fluids).  Still very swollen everywhere.  Skin, in general, not healing from anything.  Pain management has stayed the same and she looks very comfortable.  Lots of cuddles.  


I visited little guy before I came back down to the hospital.  He was super happy to see mommy.  We read his dinosaur book a few dozen times, he climbed all over me, followed me to the bathroom and banged on the door (haven't had a toddler old enough to do that yet... that's fun), played catch, and then he put himself down for a nap.  


In other news, lots of people ask how Reed is doing. The hospital psychologist stopped by today, as she does sometimes to check on him.  He's lived in a hospital for 16 months... there has to be something going on with him, right?  

Well he ended up spending the time showing mathematical proofs demonstrating that 0.9_ = 1.  (.9 repeating is equal to 1). [In fact, he's sitting here right now making sure I format the .9 repeating part correctly...] 

I told him there is no way she was interested in that, and he said he gave her several opportunities to change the subject, and then apologized after.

So, not saying he's taking any of this lightly.  But...  "he's fine".


No video tonight.




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