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June 8, 2019

Day 4 of 5 of chemo and she's doing pretty OK!  A few barfs, and her heart rate is on the higher end (160s), but nothing unexpected for this stage.

Reed got back down this afternoon with all her stuffed animals (who had been home for baths) - Tiger, Foxy, Hippo, Elephant and her newest BFF Peppa.  Julia was VERY happy to have them all back!  She started chucking them at Reed clear across the room and BOY did that make her laugh <3 And she's learned that they "need a bath" if they land on the floor.  They just get wiped down with a sanitizing wipe, but she will shake her no finger and sometimes even cry!  She doesn't like her animals getting baths =(

The nurses commented that she's doing such a good job helping =) She will lift her arm up for the blood pressure cuff and to get her temperature taken.  No fussing or anything.  And she now does like, a sassy half-wave "Goodbye"(!) (with attitude) to the nurses when she's through with them, regardless of whether or not they're done.  One nurse said she reminds her of Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada with the, "That's all" dismissal.  So much attitude.  (But SOME of the nurses get a kiss blown as well, because she's warmed up to several.)

And I commented a few times on the swallowing, and why Speech Therapy stopped trying, but kept forgetting to get it in an update.  The immediate concern is that if she doesn't swallow something it could go down in her lungs.  Then something like pneumonia is a problem.  That's a huge deal while on chemo because her white blood cells get knocked out, so she would likely have great difficulty fighting off something like that.  And unfortunately I've now "met" several families whose children lost the fight, not to cancer, but to an infection while on chemo =( So it's SUCH a huge deal.  So for that reason, they are putting off trying to get her to swallow until she's in a healthier state.

Oh, and just because I got a message last night - please keep in mind that I will never friend you and directly ask you for money (or ever ask for money, really).  I understand there might be another fake account out there trying to make a few bucks off Julia's condition.  Please disregard (and if possible, report to me).   Thank you <3 

Picture today is of a HAPPY Julia getting Tiger back after a short hiatus (with marker still on her hand from yesterday!), and Reed spent some MUCH OVERDUE time with his big guy out in our yard =) He had a really great night and morning with Gabriel <3 <3 No new video since she slept like, 23 hours.  So I grabbed one from last year - this is her 'talking' to grandpa on the phone... one of her very favorite thing to do (she called him many times a day!!)




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