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June 28, 2019

Day 4 (of 5) of chemo.  Julia only had an OK day today.  The morning went really well, but by 3pm she was pretty upset and irritable.  They are happy with her vitals, but they gave her some Tylenol just in case.  No fever and no vomiting.  They believe the crankiness is due to day 4 of chemo and not taking a nap at ALL.  I've heard from many adults on chemo that it can give you pretty bad insomnia.  PT did stop by, but Julia was having none of that, so they left without even trying a session.  

We are away for Reed's evening with Gabriel, and knowing Julia isn't having a great day definitely makes enjoying things more difficult =( But she has a great nurse who has been in with her all day, and she's as content as can be.  They're hoping that after her 10:00 bath and string change, she will zonk out all night.  And then (hopefully) we'll be back shortly after she wakes up!

I received this package (in picture) a bit ago, but hadn't opened it until yesterday.  I knew it was CBD oil, but I didn't realize several of the company reps got together to DONATE bottles!  A rep named Lori who follows Julia decided to put her commission toward a bottle of the 3500mg oil and many others joined in.  In the end, Julia was sent 10 bottles, which will last her about 1.5 months!  This treatment isn't cheap, but only CBD/THC was being used when her cancer growth slowed to a crawl, so we happily continue with everything that seems to be working.

So thank you to Lori, Victor & Tracy, Nancy, Dana, Denise, Francis, Rudolph & Helen, Monica, Lori, and CBD Bio Care for being continually and so generously involved in Julia's fight <3 (And I sent a picture of the card to Dana to ask for clarification on a name, and she mentioned that she's donating 20% of her sales all weekend to Julia's account as a credit!  And I believe this coincides with a 4th of July sale.)

Re: Julia's business cards.  I feel very inadequate attempting to copy over mailing addresses to other countries.  I'm just copying and pasting everything, so if you get yours in Brazil and I copied like, "Thank you so much", or like... your name... into the middle of your address... it's because I don't know what I'm doing.  (Lots of friends working to copy these address over, but we still have to scroll for a reeeeally long time to see the start of the messages.  So it might be a day or ten until you get a response =) ) 

Sleepy Julia in picture <3 The lighting and pose make her look more sickly than she really is.  Other than being extra cranky, she really had an OK day =) Video in comments of her playing.  



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