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June 25, 2019

Round 8 of chemo; day 1 of 5.  12 rounds are currently scheduled, but everyone is going to re-evaluate treatment options again after the next MRI - which should be after round 10.  She's responding as expected; she slept all day and threw up quite a bit.  They had stopped her nausea meds because she no longer needed them, but now they're back on regularly.  Vitals are all great, and she seems to be sleeping pretty soundly.  OT stopped by but they only had a 20 minute session before she had enough and wanted to go to sleep.  Stark difference to pre-chemo yesterday, but not unexpected.

As of today, we're still on for Julia and Gabriel's first play date in the playroom tomorrow <3 And this is a huge deal, because it is quite literally their FIRST play date!  When Julia was taken to the hospital (last Halloween), Gabriel wasn't even 1 so his interactions with his big sister were limited to mostly hair pulling and giggling.  I'm sure Julia is anxious to finally get to PLAY with her little brother!  

...Or she just might want to sleep and it will be a bust.  If it is, we'll try again next week =) 


When all this started, I wanted to get the word out about her GoFundMe, so I created some... business cards, essentially.  All these months later Julia still constantly comes up in conversations (of course!), but I just had these old cards with outdated info, or I was scribbling something on a napkin  So I decided to print some new cards, with the focus on sharing her story of hope to others with cancer.  I found this cool tent design, so I could fit quite a lot on it.  Anyway, I assumed I'd just buy a bunch to keep with me and re-stock the few local business I'm involved with.  But of course VistaPrint was like, "Hey, you bought 500 business cards... how about another 2,000 for $10".  So I bought a bunch.  I know many people have asked for something like this, so here they are!  If you'd like to PM me your mailing address, I'd be happy to send you a handful.  They come flat with a pre-fold for the tent, so they fit in an envelope (and your wallet).  So if you'd like to have some to keep on you, let me know and I'll send a dozen.  Or if you have somewhere/s you'd like to put them, like an organization or church, just let me know how many you'd like =) 

Alicia took a handful the other day and has already set some out at places she's been.  Makes me really happy to see Julia's pretty face out there <3 

~~~~~   Special video tonight (in comments)... I was sorting through some old clips and found this one dated January 11, so just five days after we were told she wouldn't last the week.  You can see the coma taking hold of her body.  She is awake, her left eye is still open, but she can't interact.  She could no longer move any part of her body or look anywhere but straight ahead; she couldn't even react to Gabriel pinching her leg.  All she had control of was her left eyelid.  That was the last thing to go, and when it finally shut, we "knew" it had shut forever.

...So that short clip is first, followed by one from last night... kicks and smiles and everything <3 If this isn't hope that it's never too late for something to turn around, I don't know what is.



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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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