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July 9, 2019

A pretty good day today! Very happy, LOTS of hug and kiss requests. Lots of time lying next to Reed watching Peppa. When she requested hugs she would put her right arm up like a normal toddler asking for a hug <3 and her left arm did its best to mimic.

Her ANC (white blood cells) counts are a bit higher than they want. I guess they went with the single booster shot as recovery from chemo, rather than injections over several days. I'm not sure why they decided to do that, as the last time it also caused her ANC to shoot up. I guess high white blood cells can be bad because they can start attacking organs. But there seems to be another shot to get them under control, so I believe she got that. They'll just keep an eye on all her labs over the next few days as she continues to recover from chemo.

Vitals are fine; a bit barfy. She also figured out she can undo her diaper and THEN poop. And apparently the texture was very new and exciting on her hands and feet... so that episode went about as expected. She got several baths today.

Her newest ability is she can turn completely on her side to get to her iPad! She can turn to both sides, and as far as Reed could tell, it was fully on her side, like, hips stacked on top of each other. She won't do it on demand, but she makes it happen if she wants her cartoons. So that's awesome! Reed brought that up today while talking to the attending, and asked what PTs plan is to focus more on the goal of walking, since she's getting so good at supporting herself. So hopefully we'll hear back about that plan soon.


Julia's business cards are starting to get in the mail - several hundred went out today. I do have a return address label on there just to make sure they all get where they're going, but I wanted to say that I can't think of anything at all Julia needs right now =) Everyone has been so generous. She has tons of t-shirt gowns (even though I'm slow on laundry), dozens of wonderful hand-made blankets and pillows, an army of stuffed animals, another dozen or so educational toys lined up for PT, and she could literally open a Peppa fan shop. She has been so well taken care of by all of you! So please don't feel any obligation to send anything <3

We have been so grateful for everything we've received for Julia, and the gift cards for our family (like the Longhorn one that came today - Reed will definitely enjoy their ribs - his favorite!) Seriously... thank you all. I wish I had time to write personal thank yous to everyone... though a surprising number of people don't put their name or any message on things. So thank you anonymous gift givers <3


And a request for information from one of Julia's followers: A brain tumor has been found, I assume during an ultrasound, on a little baby (still in the womb). Does anyone have any info at all about a successful fetal surgery to remove something like this? I know I've seen a few similar stories make the news, but if anyone has some information I can pass along, this family is looking for any viable options to save this pregnancy and their little girl. I don't have any other details. Thank you!


Pic tonight: First pic of Julia sleeping like she used to!! Look at that arm casually behind her head <3 I MISS SEEING HER SLEEP LIKE THIS SO MUCH!! And Nick's yummy cookies that were delivered today; and then Alicia and I stuffing envelopes. Her neat side vs my garbage pile (and little guy with Alicia's mother-in-law entertaining him in the background <3 Gabriel really enjoyed his visit with Aiden and Riley!) Video in comments: a short clip of when cousins showed up the other day - I love how kicky Julia's legs are, she was so excited! And then Julia playing, and a bonus clip of Gabriel's new ability... a 'somersault' (aka trying to break his neck).


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sophia palladini
sophia palladini
Jul 23, 2019

Hey, About the little girl, It really depends on how far the mother is, If there is a chance she can be delivered early then that would be best for both the baby and the mother. The problem with prenatal surgery is that depending on how its done it can cause a lot of infections and complications so if she is within the time frame of being able to be delivered then that would be the safest, it is also in a more controllable environment since the doctors can work with her hands on versus though a machine. If this was the case I would go through with an MRI-Guided Laser Ablation due to the lack of side effects a…

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