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July 28, 2019

Sleepy baby.  Vitals are fine.  Blood counts are on their way up.  But she's very tired... she's slept the majority of the day.  Kind of like a cat.  No vomiting in several days which is great, and I think the constant mucus has slowed down to a nose wipe once every other minute rather than once every 10 seconds.  Improvement.  (Chemo is thought to aggravate it, among other things.)

They saw her stoma was starting to have the first signs of an injury from constantly being pulled to one side, so all her equipment was switched around - now her vent is on her right, and her medication pole is on her left.  That also frees up her left arm a bit, so she can move it without hitting the vent tubing.  She does seem to be moving it more (she's getting real good at swatting the nurses with it!) so that should only help her personal PT attempts.  But now the trach tubing is over her active right arm, so she does pop it off more (disconnects the tube from her trach, not remove the trach from her throat).  It's not a huge deal since she can kind of breathe on her own, but it does set off her alarms.

No therapies on the weekend, and she's been so tired she hasn't done a whole lot.  But she has had SEVERAL tea parties.  She'll do tea parties with daddy.  Tea parties with her nurse. And even tea parties with herself =) Hopefully she'll be energized enough to sit up and color again starting tomorrow.

Gabriel is definitely sick, and it's probably not a cold.  He had a fever last night, was super fussy (not normal) and puked a bit today.  He's still with Aunt Charlene, and she'll take him to the doctor tomorrow to find out if it's anything contagious.  Possibly an ear infection.

It's Sharing Sunday, so please share any needs you have in the comments (honestly, you guys can share anything at any time, but it helps to put the reminder out).  Two children I'm following closely are Vanessa in Germany and Mia in Africa.  Vanessa has brain stem cancer (not the same as Julia's) and is home in coma on hospice. Mia has Julia's cancer and has not responded well to the treatments available over there.  Both beautiful girls need miracles.  

Picture - Reed's texts in the middle of the night <3 That's one awake Julia!  And look at her left arm straight up in the air!!  And video in comments is one of several tea parties today.  Some beautiful smiles <3

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