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July 23, 2019

A nice mild day for Julia (we'll take it).  After her long day of being sick yesterday, she finally tuckered herself out and took a nap at like, 9pm.  So she was up until 4am with Reed =) Today she's just been kind of a lazy, content baby.  Lots of iPad. 

No barfing, vitals are great.  A little less snot, but not enough to make a difference.  There are likely several reasons for the crazy amount of mucus - chemo can cause it, the trach can produce more due to irritation, and she's not really swallowing (you and I swallow secretions all day long... imagine if you couldn't!)  And, of course, she rips off the medicine patches that attempt to help dry her up.  But seriously... the amount of snot that can fly out of her nose when she sneezes is impressive.

She did have a little blood in her g-tube again, so they've been monitoring.  Every other cycle or so she gets a bunch of really small cuts all over her stomach (a possible side-effect from chemo), so they have her on a medication to protect everything, and it seems to have cleared up.

No official therapies today.  But physically, she's doing a really great job rolling onto her side =) She does it all by herself, and she gets a little better every day.  When Reed lays in bed with her, she immediately rolls toward him now and nuzzles in.  He'll say, "Do you love hugs?" and he feels her nod her head yes <3 <3 She has even gotten her LEFT ARM up and over him a few times in a hug!  She's just doing such a good job.


Someone who works with the Chordoma Foundation reached out to find out everything we're doing for Julia.  That confirms for me (if it wasn't already) that her improvement is very unexpected.  And I really like that they're interested in ANYTHING that might be attacking this cancer... her chemo protocol plus everything else we're doing.

Pic - Reed set her up with a "piggy sleepover" (and made sure I recognized there are TWO piggies in the bed...)  And no new video of lazy baby today, but I did find an adorable one from last July <3 In comments.


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