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July 18, 2019

Day 3 of chemo - 2 more to go.  Reed just got back down to Julia a few hours ago <3 I was hoping to get an update and a picture, but his phone is going right to voicemail so I assume it's dead.  I did talk to the nurse around 7 and heard she had a much better day.  Still tired and cranky from chemo, but overall decent.  No vomiting.  She's been on the Zofran all day.  I only had a short convo with the nurse so I'm not sure if they're pre-treating for the impending constipation.  But... great job with no barfing!  And she had her trach change today, and hated it.  So everything is standard there. 

Child Life visited again, and Julia sure thinks having a little spoon to put in a little teacup is pretty cool!  They're really happy with how she's interacting - great steps toward combating this aversion from things going near her mouth.  

And she's making huge progress with her core strength... she can do way more than I can, that's for sure.  While mostly propped up in her bed, she's now able to lean forward and reach to the far side of her table to grab something.  And more impressive, while on her back, she's able to get both legs all the way off the bed, hips included, at the same time.  It's a total reverse crunch - those are hard!  (This is mostly in an effort to smack the nurses in the face with her feet... but whatever works.)

(And court went fine - they were satisfied with us having paid the $25 registration after the fact.  Just an inconvenience.  But Reed did get a nice evening with his Biggest Little Guy before heading back down to the hospital.  I'll go down tomorrow <3)

~~~~ Julia's cards ~~~~

We have one more batch of Julia's 'business' cards to go out.  It's everyone who requested extra cards (since we needed different packaging), last minute additions, and a few label-reprints.  But 90% have been sent.   

In case you missed it, these are just cards I designed for myself for when Julia comes up in conversation, which happens often. But I offered them online if anyone else also wanted to share, and the response was huge!  So since supplies were covered, we just kept ordering more cards =) They're tent business cards with pictures of Julia, a short summary of her hopeful story, and links to follow.  Honestly just trying to spread the word to people who might be looking for other options.  

And for no other reason than just because, here are some stats:

--- More then 18,000(!) business cards were sent out!  All requested =)

--- Expenses have been 100% covered by money and stamp donations - thank you so much!

--- 5 Friends got recruited into helping (I pretty much just showed up at their door with a big box of supplies)

--- Most popular address names were Kim and Jessica

--- I had to Google the correct abbreviations for the "I" states... every time

--- Lots of pressure on Joshua from Maine - the only one in the whole state with Julia cards <3

--- Cards went all over the world, including South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, UK, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Sweden

--- Cards went to 48/50 states.  Not a single card to Alaska or Hawaii =(  Hopefully these authentic images of Julia visiting those states can drum up some interest.


Video in comments from her play date yesterday.  Toward the end you can see her lift her left arm to the table all by herself!  It's a struggle, but she gets it!  <3 <3 




. ********** ~~ Julia Adams ~~  ***********    ************* Official Links ************* *************************************

Julia's official pages:  Website: Facebook: Julia's Fight Against Rare Cancer - Fund GoFundMe:

Julia's official fundraisers:  T-shirts: | Children's Book: Jewelry:

Where I buy Julia's CBD Oil (CBD BioCare 3500mg bottle): || Coupon code: danaboyd

Chordoma Foundation:

If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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