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July 17, 2019

Day 2 of chemo.  She's had a bit of vomiting today, but otherwise vitals have been good.  They have her on Ativan as needed, but they said it's only given after she throws up.  That makes no sense to me... we know she barfs during chemo. I'm not happy at all with how the conversation went, but at least they agreed to add Zofran around the clock (then I asked the nurse what they plan to do to combat the constipation it will cause, and she said she doesn't believe anything was added, but she will look into it.)  Chemo makes her puke.  Zofran constipates her.  Perhaps that's not in her chart.  We've only been here since October.

We visited with Gabriel today and had some playtime.  It went.... OK.  Julia is exhausted from chemo and lack of sleep.  She had some good moments, and she was adamant about NOT going back to her room, but it was really quite a bit of fussing.  They colored, played with play-doh, and stacked some rings.  We got a few smiles, and a lot of noise around the trach.  

Gabriel has also been fussy all day.  Two grumpy toddlers can be trying enough....  It would be so nice just to stick them both in the playroom and let them do 2 year old things, but Julia needs to be supported in her chair with her nose wiped constantly, and Gabriel can't be let loose because he wants to run into all her equipment (you can see all the poles that go everywhere with her in the pic tonight).

Not like I have any extra time, but I start PT next week for my lower back, to hopefully be able to lean over her bed without support (so I can have two hands for the trach).  And after recommendations last night, I emailed some local therapists about EMDR.  Their bio's explaining their approach don't leave me with much confidence they're different from the rest, but this therapy is new to me, so we'll give it a try.

I'm not in a good mood (partly because fussy toddlers), but also because I don't feel confident with both of us leaving tonight with all her puking.  But apparently, despite explanations, our township believes we have nothing better to do than go to court because we "failed to alert the local police about our home security system".  So we need to show up in person because we're not paying this ridiculous $300 admin fee.  I guess some things are more important than a 2 year old with cancer.

I think I need a Snickers.

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