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July 14, 2019

Julia had a great day =) After all her sleeping yesterday, she was up and ready to go at 3am.  There are still a handful of longer cultures that need to come back, but so far everything has been 100% good.  Friday she definitely had a fever and yellow secretions, which indicate an infection... but nothing has been found.  They say it's possible the antibiotics got to it immediately so things cleared up before labs.  I didn't know antibiotics could work that fast... but maybe.  

She spent the afternoon decked out in her Peppa gear - Peppa gown, Peppa socks, with her Peppa doll, watching Peppa cartoons... happy as could be =)  She colored for two solid hours and wore herself out!  Both hands are tie-dyed, though you can't really see in the pic.  She got her left hand up to the coloring board and colored on it... because what else do you do with a hand that doesn't really cooperate? =) 

Chemo is scheduled to start tomorrow, round 9, but I guess at this time they're not fully committed.  So it might be delayed to let her recover from whatever happened.

Little guy had a HUGE day today.  We stopped by Aunt Charlene's and he jumped up the trampoline with his cousins until his hair was plastered to his head.  Then we all drove to Megan and Manny's for swimming.  So he was all over the pool in Julia's pink floaties and then lapped the pool deck naked like, 100x.  He's got some rosy cheeks, but we did a pretty good job keeping the sun off his pale skin.  Then he zonked out for the 2 hour round trip to the hospital to drop off some things for Julia.  We didn't go in to see her, but Reed got about 10 minutes of Gabriel-snuggle time in the parking garage <3 It's all the time they had this week =( But he'll happily take what he can get.  And now we're home and Gabriel is wide awake from his 2 hour nap... so who knows when he will finally go to bed.  His sleep schedule is non-existent with the random long car rides.  

~~~~ Freddy's! ~~~~

I try to limit fundraisers (so many people offer, thank you!) but I couldn't turn this one down. Freddy's in Exton (Pennsylvania) is one of my favorite places right now.  I'm so sick of fast food on my endless trips to the hospital, so I constantly find myself at Freddy's.  Their burgers and custard are AWESOME.  They offered to host a fundraiser for Julia - all you do is eat there next-next Monday evening.  No donation jars or things to buy.  Just take you and your family to dinner and Julia gets a percentage of sales!  So it's Monday, July 22nd, from 4-8pm.  I'll be there with Gabriel for most of the evening.  The only catch is you need to mention "Julia" to the cashier <3 

I'll put the image in the comments if you want to share (if you're local - please do!)  And here is a link to printable flyers to set out at your place of business / school / gym / church / hangout / wherever.  There is a color and black & white version, and they just print on standard 8.5x11 paper and get cut in half. My personal goal is to confuse Chick-Fil-A next door, when they see all the cars at Freddy's.  Bonus if we can make Freddy's run out of something.

I hope to see you guys there if you're local!  (Not local is cool too - someone drove all the way from Maine to come to Julia's benefit... it's hard to beat that.)

I'll post a reminder every few days over the next week as well <3 


And it's Sharing Sunday - please post links to any needs / prayer requests / fundraisers in the comments. 

Pic is a VERY tuckered-out Julia.  Too much coloring.  And some pix from Gabriel's big day, ending in some cuddles with Reed.  I added the two short clips Reed sent of Julia today, in comments <3 


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