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January 4, 2020

I lost track of time tonight, I hit stop instead of snooze on my update alarm and then forgot. So super short update. Julia has had a fine day. Lots of time awake! On and off throughout the day, sometimes for 20-30 minutes at a time. Lots of Peppa, even fighting her naps for Peppa time. All vitals are as decent as we could hope for. Nothing concerning, blood pressure back up to where it should be. No labs have come back yet which might give us some info on the red belly rash thing.

No video tonight.




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All that awake time is wonderful! Sorry you were the one to fall asleep but you must be exhausted, so it's understandable. How wonderful that Julia was awake so much, and engaged with her adored Peppa. What a wonderful sign - how many days has it been since she stayed awake more than seconds? Perhaps the new chemo has begun to show its work! God bless that precious baby and her family, as well.

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