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January 25, 2020

No emergencies today! Vitals, including blood pressure, have all been stable. Blood pressure has been 80s/50s most of the day, with no concerning drops. She was a bit warm this morning (no fever), and responded well to blankets being removed. Her stomach still looks the same - the red 'rash' area is slightly larger than the outline, and her stomach is still swollen. It's soft though, and vent pressure hasn't been increased, so things are mostly stable there. The theory for the redness is skin breakdown, which can happen for many reasons, but in Julia's case it could be poor circulation, inactivity, excessive swelling, and cancer. They keep the area treated as if it were breakdown, and possibly if Julia starts to improve, her skin will start to heal. She's been her new normal-tired today. Her good eye seems to be comfortable drifting a bit outward now, but she can find you if you stand near where it's already looking. I saw her clearly readjust it a smidge to see brother on FaceTime. And she can still definitely hear. That eye comes right open when the iPad with Peppa theme song gets turned on.

~~~~ A year ago, a super talented illustrator, motivated by all Julia's fancy medical attachments and Reed's comment that "She's not a princess, she's a warrior" (when asked why he picked Mulan out of all the Disney princesses she was able to receive a dress from), created this original Warrior Julia drawing. It showed Julia (with hair(!) because it was pre-chemo) with all her fancy wrist, feet, and neck braces as armor, her IV line as her lasso, and her trusty Tiger, standing up in her hospital bed. He wanted to show her preparing to fight against the days-to-live sentence she had just received... and boy did she =) This picture unexpectedly turned into a coloring page and people from literally all over the world printed it out, colored it, and sent it to Julia. We received SO MANY! Whole classrooms... whole school sent colorings! Some were clearly colored by legit artists, others by 2 year old's using crayons for the first time =) They had such sweet messages of hope and love written on them. Well it's been a year, and Phillip Krauss felt it was time to do an anniversary version =) Julia's still here fighting, so he wanted to capture how she is now <3 This new one shows a chunked-up Julia, with her round kissable cheeks, in her awesome armor, her hair starting to come back in, and her new BFF Peppa added to OG Tiger. And of course, her smiling face handling this super unfair circumstance like the fighter she is <3 I would love for you guys to color this version and send it to Julia! He even made it with a writing prompt, if you wanted to add why you're part of #JuliasArmy =) I have plans for the drawings we received last year. In fact, I'm spending time with Gabriel tomorrow, so we might go through them and pick out some really nice ones to share =) There are seriously some super impressive ones. If you want to print it, I have a high-res 8.5x11 version here. You can save it and print it full-size (it might say it will crop - that's OK). And send it to my office (sorry Anthony). Print URL: (looks super spammy... this is what her website gives me and I can't make it look more legit). Julia Adams

C/O U-neek

259 Norwood Road

Downingtown, PA 19335 ~~~~

Video in comments.

*********** ~~ Julia Adams ~~ *********** ************* Official Links ************** ***************************************

Julia's official pages:

Facebook: Julia's Fight Against Rare Cancer - Fund

Julia's official fundraisers: T-shirts: | Jewelry: Car Magnet:

Where I buy Julia's CBD Oil (CBD BioCare 3500mg bottle): || Coupon code: danaboyd

Chordoma Foundation:

If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st 2018. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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