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January 18, 2019

She had her MRI scan from 5:00-8:00 today, but we haven't heard any results yet.  Even 'knowing' she's terminal with possibly days left, my stomach is still in knots waiting for these results.  We didn't necessarily expect to hear anything so quickly... but usually they give us something within an hour or two.  They did say all the regular teams are going to review it, so at least it doesn't sound like she's getting lesser treatment just because we had to request it.  The chemo options we want reviewed are being looked at along side the MRI... so nothing new happened as far as treatment yet.  

24 hours between actions is so nerve wracking when time is so limited =(

As far as vitals, her heart rate is currently in the 140s.  She's been very agitated since they moved her around for the MRI and did her "collar care".  It sometimes takes her quite a bit to calm down after that, but they still don't think it's pain.  Her ET has been in the 60s today, and even in the 40s during her MRI... which was odd enough for the doctors to comment on (that it was so good), but there are no theories as to why.  Her blood pressure continues to be high and seemingly unaffected by medication at 170/124.  

They did not give her anesthesia for the MRI because she already can't move =( They just gave her a bit of a sleeping dose to make her comfortable.  So she was much more alert than usual after the test (alert for her now just means peeking that eye open and finding cartoons, but we're happy every time we see it).

I guess that's it for today.  I'm just a ball of nerves waiting for these MRI results and I feel like the day is not complete... or something.  I just want to know what sort of changes have happened, good or bad.  Hopefully the weekend doesn't affect us getting some answers tomorrow.

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