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January 10, 2020

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Things are not good. I asked the doctor if she could pass within 24 hours, and “unless something changes”, yes.

Reed, Charlene and I are with her.

She is opening her left eye quite a bit, but it’s not finding us. Her blood pressure got as low as 50/30. Her stomach has... somehow gotten “considerably larger” throughout the day. They have had to up vent pressure support to “dangerous levels” just to counteract the swelling. Even so, the co2/acid is building up in her blood (not sure if I got that part medically correct). She stopped producing urine; her kidneys are no longer working.

They are looking into more pain relief options (though she’s not visibly in pain), but they are warning us that morphine or fentanyl could drop her blood pressure even more. So I guess they’re consulting the anesthesiologist.

To CHOPs credit, they just ran every test and lab under the sun. No one here is giving up. They are in full infection garb and everything. We all know what’s going on, but... they are still at least looking for something they can fix.

I am updating from the bathroom because this is how my body handles stress. I hear them out there on FaceTime with cousins and brother.

So unless her kidneys start working and this pressure is relieved (and the cancer stops growing), she is likely nearing the end.

Laura Jean please update Wix.




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