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January 10, 2019

Julia is about the same. She slept almost the entire day. She opened her one eye just twice and focused on us for a second, but she couldn't hold it. We kept her favorite cartoons playing by her side. I usually lay in bed with her, Reed usually holds her hands and stares at her monitors, hoping for a miracle.

I was going to answer some questions you all had with this post... but life had other plans and I'm just too exhausted. (Normally I'd be happy to give details - that's what I started writing about her for.)

I had a few items I wanted to grab from home for Julia's "alternative" treatment. People have offered to bring them down tomorrow, but the doctor said that Julia's vitals look really stable, and nothing was telling him anything was imminent. So I decided to drive home and pick them up just so we could give them to her a little sooner.

I walked in the door and my beautiful cat Socks didn't look too good. I'm sure you already know where this is going. I won't give details, but I called the emergency vet and made my situation very clear - and said if there is anyway this is not an emergency that I need to put it off. Based on the symptoms the vet urged me to bring her in. So I did. Long story short, she was moments away from cardiac arrest. They found a mass on her chest. They believe it was cancer.

I can't make this up.

Something pulled me to go home, and this was it. My cat was probably holding out until I was there since I have been gone so much. She barely made it out of the bedroom to greet me in the hallway.

So I called Reed on speaker and we both told her how much we loved her as they put her to sleep.

And I just drove back home by myself... my back passenger seat still has a box of my dads clothes that he'll never wear again. Next to it is Julia's car seat that she'll never sit in again. And in my passenger seat is a cat carrier that my favorite kitty ever will never ride in again.

Socks April 2004 - January 2019

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1 Comment

Karen Strine
Karen Strine
Jan 11, 2019

There are no words to describe the pain you must be feeling. You, Reed and Julia have been and are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Cousin Karen and Daryl

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