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February 7, 2019

We have MRI results.

Four doctors reviewed the images with Reed, and compared the pictures taken yesterday with what was taken ~3 weeks ago.

- The clot (sinus venous thrombosis) that was blocking one of the ventricles to her brain is completely gone.

- The damaged tissue from the stroke has seen some healing (the damaged area today clearly looks less damaged than previously).

- Her spine has healed enough that neurosurgery suggested removal of the collar.

- There has been NO growth in the cancer in her spine (they aren’t even sure it’s cancer at this point, just an “area of concern”).

- And most importantly, they were able to see a MEASURABLE REDUCTION in tumor size and pressure around her brain stem!!!!


She is only 11 days off of chemo!  NO ONE expected this.  At BEST we were expecting to to be told the cancer growth had slowed down... we never expected to be told there has actually been improvement! Reed clearly saw on the MRI that more brain stem is visible, and it's less constricted.  Julia's increased physical response is suspected to be related to the improved condition of the brain stem.  When the oncologist saw movement yesterday, she was so shocked because the amount of pressure it was under would not allow any movement... the new images explain what's going on!

Her face is EXTRA puffy right now - they believe just a side effect of the steroid.  No one is concerned, but boy is it round!  As you can see, her hair is falling out like crazy; it falls out with just a touch (we snipped a lock off today).   Same mild movements - mouth and pupil; so holding steady there.  Her vitals are really good still: heart rate 120-150 (depending on if she's being bothered), oxygen saturation at a solid 99/100, ET in the 30s and 40s(!), BP 105/78.

A reminder to all of Julia's new friends:  On January 6th, we were given the news that Julia's tumor was growing so rapidly that she only had days to live, there was nothing else that could be done, and she was put on comfort care.  Immediately Reed and I began giving alternative treatments (CBD oil, RSO, and a PEMF therapy mat).  After 2 weeks she was still here and we requested they try the chemo anyway.  They agreed, but cautioned that she was so advanced that it would likely have no effect.  So she's been doing the alternative treatments for about a month, and intense chemo for 2 weeks... seeing all this measurable healing in her brain, in such a short amount of time, given her situation... is INSANE.  It certainly doesn't hurt that Julia has people praying for her from literally all over the world <3 

So that's what we know!  This is WONDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS!!  Of course we have no idea what the next few weeks are going to look like.  This cancer is so rare, and treatments are so limited, but this is most definitely a step in the RIGHT DIRECTION for the FIRST TIME since she was diagnosed in November.  Her team was all smiles giving Reed the news =) We're a LONG WAY from beating this... but our little warrior might actually have a chance <3 <3


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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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