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February 3, 2019

Julia's vitals are really good today: Heart rate 116, ET low 60s, Oxygen Saturation high 90s (on 35 assistance, down from 45), BP 103/59.  She did have a slight fever of 101.something but Tylenol got it back down to under 100, so they're just keeping an eye on it.

Yesterday her ANC counts were at 0, today the are at 700.  Our doctor referred to it as a "dramatic increase".  They like to see a number above 1000, and once the ANC starts to rise, they expect the other metrics to start rising as well.  So this suggests she handled the chemo and is recovering. 

Her left pupil is still reacting completely normal to flashlight checks  So that's 3 days in a row of no negative change, when before it had slowly gone the way of her right eye and stopped responding completely.  She also took a solid bite of Reed's finger and even ground her teeth a bit.  So I guess that's good news =) And again today she enjoyed some time lying fully on both sides, so that appears to be a new position that will be staying (yay!) It looks like blood work is being done very often, so we should have an update almost every day as to how she's improving through labs. 

  That's it for today.  THANKFULLY a pretty boring day.  Which we are very happy to have =) 

Reminder of the Beef and Beer event link that was posted yesterday:


My friends have received so many requests for T-shirts to support Julia, so we finally have them made an ready to go =) They've chosen the Zazzle platform for its complete order-shipping-service solution, as well as its awesome customization platform.  So if t-shirts aren't your thing, you can easily put the design on anything else you'd use more (a tote, coffee mug, throw pillow, etc.)

They've come up with 6 awesome designs, which I think will be really meaningful to those who have been following Julia's story.  Many of the designs came from her new Facebook friends!  Two are beautiful pieces of artwork designed by Lorraine Hayes and Brandi Tate.  One is a photo choice suggestion from Julia's biggest Maine fan.  One is scripture that means a lot to Reed.  One is the original hand print design (now featuring Julia's actual hand prints!) designed by Eileen.  And another is a #JuliaStrong hashtag with mommy and Julia's hand print for "No one fights alone".  They've added several hashtags that you guys started using for Julia, as well as the one quote from Reed that kind of started the whole warrior thing.

Julia's name appears in every design, but I opted to not put her website on the shirts.  That's common in fundraisers, but our family gets financial support by you initially purchasing the shirt (the proceeds go directly to our family - there is no middle man).  So on the shirt I wanted a message that will be important for many years to come: Donate to Childhood Cancer Research.  Because had the research already been done, Julia wouldn't be fighting for her life right now alongside thousands of other sick children.

So I hope you'll find these designs awesome and super meaningful to our journey so far!  They have a basic Mens / Ladies / Kids / Baby ready to go in each design, but please remember to customize!  We'd rather you have the perfect article of clothing (or whatever) that you're going to wear for a long time.  We get our donations regardless of the final product you choose.  And I can't WAIT to see pix of you and your family in #TeamJulia attire!   I'm so thankful for the overwhelming amount of requests for t-shirts; so many people around the world want to show their support! (And I confirmed Zazzle DOES ship internationally!)

The t-shirts are linked from Julia's website here:

. . **************************** ****** Official Links ****** ****************************

Julia's *only* website: Julia's *only" Facebook page: Julia's *only* GoFundMe:

If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st.. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website <3

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