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February 29, 2020

Julia had such concerning symptoms two days ago, that (without any real medical knowledge) I assumed she had another brain hemorrhage / stroke.  She had a lot of weird facial spasms all clumped together, which has never happened, and then she was really... out of it.  For the last two days.  Both eyes sort of just open a crack, not really focusing on anything.  Pupils seemed to be pointed in opposite directions.  Vitals all over.  Blood pressure barely hanging on.  The whole team saying things were really bad.

And then today... she's been watching cartoons.  Eye following the screen and everything.  Responding to our hair rubs.  Very tired, and any sort of focus seems to wear her out quickly.  But no longer in that daze.

I just don't get her.  She must have Reed's determination and my stubbornness, because she just keeps going.  

None of these are good signs, like, she's in really bad shape.  Her heart rate is still high (170s right now), blood pressure is still on the low side.  Body, in general, definitely not functioning... hardly at all.  Very minimal coming out of drains.  Really no basic bodily functions.  But despite that, she seems very content to just cuddle and watch cartoons.

She'll go when she's ready and not a minute before.


Lots of people really loved our charm bracelet idea!  This bracelet will stay with Julia forever, and hold all the charms chosen by the people who love her.

We kind of rushed to make it happen because things looked REALLY bad on Thursday.  The only reason I didn't open it up to her Facebook friends is because I didn't want to receive 1,000 charms in the mail after she passed.  Which is how I saw that going. (And she'd be like... a mummy wrapped in charms, let's be serious.)

But Cathy, who has done all the "Julia's Army" jewelry, quickly created the PERFECT charm!  She made it just for this specific purpose: to add to Julia's bracelet so everyone who's been following can have a matching one <3 It is being over-nighted to me, and I should be able to get it attached tomorrow or Monday.

So if you would like to join her family and friends and have a matching charm, the link is below.  It's $10 ($6 of which comes to our family).  I think she has just the charm option, or a charm with a bracelet.  She can ship anywhere.  And I know she's been out today picking up stock.

So if you'd like to be included in the charm bracelet, here's that link:  


Video in comments.




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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st 2018. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website.  A current summary can be found here:

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God bless this precious, beautiful child and her tenacity! Miracles can still happen - and the longer it goes, the more obvious it will be that the miracle is entirely of our good Lord's doing. If one of you needs to be away from CHOP, I hope you would use the function on her iPad to "call" her and see her reaction.

Are the doctors going to deal with the drains again, I hope? And will they give her the second round of the new chemo? She deserves all the help she can have, since she is working so hard herself! This is an extra-ordinary child, having brought the world together on her fight for life, and she is loved…


Erin McGahuey
Erin McGahuey
Mar 01, 2020

My grandchildren and I lit another candle for Julia today after Mass. Much love and prayers from the muddy prairie of North Dakota.

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