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February 27, 2020

I believe we are nearing the end.  She has declined quite a bit throughout the day.  They believe the fluid is starting to fill up her lungs.  Her blood pressure has been 40s/teens most of the day.  Heart rate over 200.  They've upped her pain medicine quite a bit so she's very comfortable, but super out of it.  

She's had her hand held all day long.  Lots of hugs and kisses, her favorite shows on.  Doctors, nurses, and therapists keep stopping by to tell her how much they love her.  They look at her beautiful sign on the door and smile at all her pictures.


Earlier today, family, friends, and the kids went to craft stores to pick out a charm that meant something to their special relationship with Julia.  We made her a charm bracelet with everyone's unique charms.  This will stay on her after she's gone.  And everyone bought a second matching charm, so only they have the duplicate.  Most of us will turn our charm into a necklace.  

Gabriel picked out a pair of dinosaurs - one has all white gems for Julia, the other has green and blue gems for himself.  I even picked out three extra special charms in case we have more kids... so they can each have a unique one to match their big sister.  We bought tiny treasure boxes to keep them in.  

It was very sweet.  Very emotional.  


I just can't believe the end is actually here.  I've prepared myself as much as I can... but I'm not ready to say goodbye.  She's too special to leave this Earth.  


No video tonight.

*** Please watch for an event link for the Blood Drive being held in Julia's honor this April. The location has changed, but the time and date are the same. My sister will get an event page up shortly, and I'll add the link here. We just appear to be rapidly running out of time on these daily Julia updates, so I wanted to get this info out while it was on my mind.




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