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February 26, 2020

Julia has had a comfortable day.  The drain got rid of quite a bit of fluid last night, at one time causing her blood pressure to drop to 40s/20s.  But some Albumin stabilized it over the next several hours.  It's been sitting more on the low side today (currently 58/42), but can trend a bit higher depending on where she is with fluids.  I hear the blood pressure cuff going off a lot more than usual, maybe every 5 minutes, so they're clearly interested in what it's doing.

All other vitals have been fine.  The abdominal drain has started to slow down again, but is still outputting more than the last few days.  No fevers.  

She has been awake for several hours, and very interested in Dora the Explorer.  She even fought right through her Morphine to keep watching.  And then I was asking her what cartoon she wanted to watch, while going through the options in her Noggin app.  I've always skipped over an icon because I didn't recognize it, but I clicked it today and it's Umizoomi - one of her favorites from the PCU.  She DEFINITELY gave a little Julia smile.  And now she's been watching an Umizoomi marathon for the last hour.  

But she's getting very sleepy... (update: zonked out)

So she's having a comfortable day.

~~~~ (Facebook drama only)

While dealing with this terminal diagnosis, we have unfortunately come across a woman who is apparently obsessed with Julia's death.  She seems to have been harboring resentment for many months, and has recently chosen to publicly share her hatred, though she sometimes attempts to disguise it as 'caring'.

She has continued to deliberately bypass Facebook's 'block' feature to seek out Julia's copyrighted information.  She shares details of my child on her personal page, inconsistent with the truth, and in a vile and harassing manner.  We have requested that she cease and desist, but she has refused.

I am the legal owner of this content.  My original posts, in their entirety (including all my words, my associated images and videos, and links to the original source - me) are allowed to be shared by those individuals with whom I've not ceased contact.  Individual permissions have been sought by and granted to those wishing to use Julia's story for respectful purposes.

Absolutely no one has my permission to use Julia's image in an effort to corrupt, diminish, or mock the story of a toddler fighting for her life against cancer.


Since this lady (LBM) has resorted to stalking me, I know she is reading this.  Immediately remove all content of my child from your page.  I do not, and have never, granted you permission.  I have filed a legal copyright infringement claim with Facebook and provided all required URLs and screenshots.


Facebook ToS 3.2.1:

You may not use our Products to do or share anything:  That infringes or violates someone else's rights, including their intellectual property rights.

* Please note that submitting a report of intellectual property infringement is a serious matter with legal consequences.



Thanks to everyone who continues to report inappropriate comments to me and my sister (Laura Jean).  

As always, I'm happy to answer questions where the intent is to seek information rather than be hurtful and judgmental.  There are lots of new people to Julia's story, and they don't know all the details (though a nice summary can be found here: 

And semi-unrelated, but no one needs to apologize for using the sad emoji.  I know we talked a lot about hearts a few months ago.  But this is a sad time (seeing a bald cancer child work hard and hit a new milestone is NOT a sad time, by comparison).  Respond however feels right to you.


Video in comments.  Hospital internet is super slow, so it will take a few minutes.




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If you're new and want to know what's going on, my first post about Julia was on October 31st 2018. You can find them all on my Facebook page or Julia's website.  A current summary can be found here:

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